restored-university-wide EFFECTIVE. CREDIBLE. ACCESSIBLE. Restored University exists to multiply leaders for Jesus! We train Christian leaders for effective ministry in local churches. We’ve gathered qualified, experienced ministry experts to invest in church leadership reproduction for a fraction of the cost of higher learning institutions. Below you’ll find information on our live, interactive webinars. Sign-up below & check out the endorsements & FAQ’s! Download the free ZOOM video conference technology here:

2017 Students

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“What I liked best about this course was our extremely gifted professor.”

“I liked the variety of teaching methods used and the open discussions.”

“Our professor did a great job of listening, giving counsel, and directing the class.”

“Loved the solid Scriptural teaching, the presentation of all ‘camps,’ and the dialogue back & forth with questions & answers.”

“Practical & very applicable content: it allows for immediate implementation in small ways as you continue to learn the more complicated processes.”

“The incorporation of mainstream media to help understand what is being discussed and giving examples that mean more because you can relate.”

  • What is it?

    Restored University exists to multiply leaders for Jesus. It’s a ministry training initiative for men and women who want to grow deeper in their knowledge of the Christian faith and become more competent in their respective areas of interest, need, and service for the Church.

  • Why is it important?

    Restored University is the perfect fit for followers of Jesus who want more depth and competency in their spiritual development but are not able to commit the time, energy, or finances to accredited institutions.

  • What Churches Have Students Represented?

    Fellowship Church, Bridgewater Church, East End Primitive Methodist, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Steamtown Church, LCBC (Lives Changed by Christ), PLAID Church, Cornerstone Bible Church, Dallas Baptist Church, Moreland Baptist Church, Faith Baptist Fellowship, Huntsville Christian Church, Hughesville Baptist Church, Parker Hill Church, Mountain Top Family Center, Parsons Primitive Methodist Church, The Grove Church, Christ Community Church, Dorranceton United Methodist, Restored Church, Nebo Baptist Church, Berwick Assembly of God, Plymouth Christian Church, Grace Fellowship Church, Willo-Hill Church, The Rock Worship Center

  • Who are we targeting?

    We are targeting church leaders, members, and attenders. This is a great option for people who are not seeking an accredited degree – especially for people who can’t afford the cost of higher education institutions or have limited freedom of schedule.

  • How much does it cost?

    $10 for each student. The live, interactive ZOOM video conference technology is free.

  • How do I pay?

    All students must be pre-pay before the day of the webinar. To pay your $10 entrance fee and receive the login code, click on the link below. Select the “Restored University” option in the drop down menu under “Giving Type.” Click here for PushPay.

  • How long will webinars be?

    2 hours (on average). Some might be longer depending on student interaction.