At Restored Church, we value prayer. Because of Jesus, we can communicate directly with God at any time, in any place, for any reason. We have a Prayer Team that prays regularly for our city, our church, and the needs of people.

We would love to have you join our Prayer Team! They meet Wednesdays at 6:30pm at the church.

As you pray for our church, feel free to use the Prayer Guide below to pray for specific things on specific days.

If you have something that you would like our Prayer Team to pray for, please submit it below.

Prayer Guide

  • Day #1 – Restored Church Leadership

    • Pastoral Team
    • Ministry Leaders
    • Community Group Leaders
    • Deacons & Deaconesses
  • Day #2 – Community Groups

    • Reaching More People Far from God
    • Mobilizing People’s Spiritual Gifts
    • People Intentionally Connecting Outside of Group
    • More Hosts & Leaders
    • New Community Groups
  • Day #3 – Discipleship & Assimilation

    • Multiply Discipleship Initiative
    • Next Steps Process
    • First-Time Guests
    • Hospitality & Guest Follow-Up
    • Counseling Ministry
    • Transformation of Hearts
    • Spiritual Growth
    • Taking People from Lost to Leading
  • Day #4 – Restored Kids/Youth

    • Restored Youth Leadership Team
    • More Restored Kids Volunteers
    • Salvation for Children/Teens
    • Spiritual Growth for Children/Teens
  • Day #5 – Sunday Gathering Teams

    • Preaching Team
    • Worship Team
    • Hospitality Team
    • Prayer Team
    • Tech Team
  • Day #6 – Local & International Ministry Partners

  • Day #7 – Mission & Vision

    • That we would multiply followers of Jesus
    • That every man, woman, and child in NEPA would have repeated opportunities to hear, see, & respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ
    • That we would continue to be gospel-centered
    • That we would be a community of faith where there are no perfect people allowed
    • That we would truly be in our city, for our city
    • That we would balance more & better disciples effectively
    • That we would see church multiplication beyond our wildest dreams

How can we pray for you?

Click the button to let us know how we can pray for you.